Match Rules

Keep Net Policy

  • All keep nets should be carp friendly ideally displaying the Water
    Lilly logo. Strictly no canal nets to be used.
  • 50lb limit per keep net, if exceeded weight over the 50lbs
    will be discounted
  • 1 keep net for silver fish, tench and carp up to 2lbs –
    1 keep net for carp 2lbs plus
  • All keep nets should be dry when brought to the fishery
    and dipped before use
  • No rocks or stones to be placed in the keep nets

Weighing In Policy

  • No rolling / tumbling of fish down nets
  • No placing of fish onto pegs/grass without an unhooking
    mat underneath the net. These can be provided.
  • No throwing of fish back into the water, lower the fish
    into the water from the weighing sling or net

Fishery Rules for Matches

  • Barbless hooks only to a maximum size of 12
  • All left over baits to be taken home
  • No casting/pole fishing more than halfway across the pool
    into another angler’s swim
  • Any angler leaving their swim must withdraw his/her line
    from the water
  • No handling of fish with cloths or rags
  • No floating poles
  • No surface fishing
  • No elasticated feeders or fixed rigs
  • Litter to be taken away by anglers at all times
  • All landing nets to be dry when brought to the fishery and
    dipped before fishing
  • Half way rule applies on matches, if there is no angler on the
    next peg you may fish up to level with the pallet but no further.

Bait Rules for Matches

  • No floating baits
  • No trout pellets or trout pellet paste
  • Carp Pellets are available onsite in a range of sizes
  • No nuts of any form
  • No Boilies
  • No Bloodworm/Joker
  • No Cat/Dog food
  • Ground bait to be fed by pole cup or feeder, no balling in.

Pegging of Matches

  • 23 Pegs on Damsel Pool – 18 Pegs on Dragon Pool
  • In order to have exclusive use of a pool a minimum of 15 pegs
    must be used in a match.
  • If less than 15 pegs are being use day ticket anglers will be
    allowed on the pool. However an empty peg will be left between
    a match angler and a pleasure angler.