We do not have a list of rules as long as your arm here at Heronbrook Fisheries.

All anglers are able to enjoy using their favourite methods and baits.

We respect that the vast majority of anglers use common sense and remember the welfare of the fish.

Coarse Pellets are ALLOWED on all pools. Please note COARSE PELLETS, Not Trout Pellets

No Cat or Dog Meat Allowed

ALL nets (landing nets and keep nets) MUST be dipped.

No Barbed Hooks or Hooks Bigger than Size 10

Wintertime Nets Rule

From October 13th 2015 there will be a 2 keepnet minimum rule.

2 keepnets are to be used from the start of the match.

Please make a sensible attempt to spread the fish evenly between the 2 nets. If you go over 100lb (with 2 nets) your total weight WILL be reduced to 100lb excatly

If you feel you are going to go over 100lb total please use a 3rd net.

Summertime Nets Rule

From August 1st 2015 there will be a 3 keepnet rule.

3 keepnets are to be used from the start of the match.

ALL FISH are to be placed evenly between the 3 keepnets.

If 3 keepnets are NOT used and not IN the water at the end of the match you WILL NOT be weighed in.

(It is not one net for silvers and the rest for carp)

On odd occasions anglers will catch above 150lb, as long as you have made a sensible effort to spread the weight EVENLY between the three nets it will be acceptable and your weight will count, obviously if you have a fourth net with you please use it

Other than that you can use your own rules as long as they abide by the Fishery Rules

In HERONBROOK OPEN MATCHES ONLY, NO floating baits are allowed at all