New Member Tops the “100 Club” Hall of Fame

hall of fameSteve Randle a new member for 2015, now tops the rankings of the Red Horses’ prestigious “100 club”.

Our Hall of Fame that recognizes Members who have “Done the Ton” and recorded weights of 100lb or more in a match.

Steve caught a weight of 153lb 11oz from the same peg as the previous holder Neville Duke, beating his record by 11lb 2oz.

Fishing mid water at medium range on the pole, the catch was put together with meat on the hook and loose fed corn.

Congratulations Steve,

Lets see if we can enroll another member to the top flight at our next match held a Carneys’; a venue that is more than capable of producing catches over 100lb.

30th August Change of Venue

Due to poor fishing at the venue booked the club has changed the match water for 30th August 2015. We will now be at Heronbrook Fishery Newcastle Road Slindon, Staffordshire ST21 6LX



Rules of the fishery are fairly relaxed with all methods and most baits allowed, but noticeably require each angler to have Three keepnets in the water from the start.

Member who own more than three nets and are willing to lend out their spare ones; please make themselves known to anyone who needs an extra net; I have one spare one to lend out.

The fishery also requires us to reserve and commit to the numbers booked, so please confirm with Alan Duke whether you will be attending or not.

This is a well stocked fishery so should provide good fishing for all members.

Change of Venues for July Should See an Increase In Catches

After last weeks poor results; due partly to insufficient stocking levels at the water. RedHorses Ac have decided to change two of the match venues for July. The new venues; which are not currently featured in the match calendar, are in the process of being finalized .

One of the New Venues

We will have everything confirmed in the next day or two however and be able to give everyone the details this Sunday at Carneys (The Damsel pool at Carneys is fishing well at the moment).

Rock Hard Conditions for the Opening Match


A good turnout at the first match on the Canal Pool – Izaak Walton Fisheries, went largely unrewarded with low weights and plenty of dry nets.

After an unseasonably warm start to spring; the recent cold snap and heavy rain had put a stop to the good form previously shown on the canal pool. The opener was won by Alan Duke with just short of 20lb of fish, falling to maggot.

A warm welcome to our three new guest anglers fishing with us for the first time. Hopefully the poor conditions won’t have put you off joining our club fellas –  the venues normally fish a lot better than this – honest!

Any new anglers that would like to be our guest at the next match, you need only pay the £10 peg fee for your first time with us; before deciding whether to join the club. (£16 P.A membership)

See 2015 Event for details of the next match

40mph Winds & Broken Pole Sections

Perhaps a good reason why we wait until May to start our match fishing season


With the recent good weather 6 Red Horse Anglers were lured into fishing another Pre-Season knock-up match this time at Carneys Fishery near Great Haywood.

Given the conditions catches were predictably low and (for some) losses high – with two members breaking pole sections.

But with Summer just around the corner our minds can turn to thoughts of bulging keepnets and the sun on our back as we get ready for 3rd May 2015 when we start our season proper.

If you would like to come along and fish a friendly match; for the satisfaction of a net full of fish and the chance of a small brown envelope; for your first match why not be our guest.

Contact either Adam Harborow on 07802 703087 or Neville Duke on 07872 986875 

Drawing the Golden Peg could be like winning the lottery

golden_peg-300x250Well, not quite but it will give all members the chance of scooping a decent prize pot. Because for 2015, RedHorses Anglers will be introducing the Golden Peg prize fund.

The angler who draws the Golden Peg at the start of the match and can finish in the top three places will win the “Golden Peg” prize pot.

If they are unable to, then the prize pot will roll-over to the following week, for an even bigger incentive to fish the next match.

Because as they say “You have to be in It to win It”