Top Three “Red Horses” of 2014

red horse RightWith just the “Silver Fish” Match left; to close the 2014 Season, the Top three “Red Horse” anglers have now been identified. A single win separates the first and second place anglers, but a healthy margin of 154lb makes Derek Taylor’s lead unassailable.

Congratulations to: Derek, Don & Kev

Season Wins Derek Taylor Don Johnson Kev Gear
1 49lb 1oz 44lb 2oz 50lb 12oz
2 19lb 6oz 67lb 10oz 72lb 7oz
3 92lb 9oz 28lb 2oz 14lb 12oz
4 133lb 2oz 77lb 3oz 80lb 13oz
5 46lb 13 oz 38lb 0oz 21lb 13 oz
6 78lb 12oz 51lb 4oz 20lb 10oz
7 40lb 8oz
Total 460lb 3oz 306lb 5oz 261lb 3oz

It’s not Just the Win – It’s Your Weight That Counts

To Kick off the new season and to add to the general banter there will be two additional targets for “Red Horses” members to fish for during 2014.

More important than the money (Some Say) are the bragging rights or should that be B’agging Rights. What better subject to brag about, than the most fish Bagged not just on the day, but over the course of the season.

To keep your name in lights you will need to catch consistently; with every match fished counting towards the running total published on the web site.

If you have a really good day you may even be eligible  to join the illustrious “100 Club”. Currently we have just 3* members who have qualified by catching over 100lb in a single session.

*Taken from results posted on the official RHAC Website est. 2013