2017 League Positions

10 Points for 1st – 1 Point for 10th    (7th May – 23rd July)

Angler Points
Darren Titley 71
Kev Gear 68
Andy Willacy 58
Steve Randle 50
Derek Taylor 41
Trevor Gear 38
Nev Duke 36
Pete Escritt 29
Adam Harborow 26
Alan Duke 25
Vin Lakin 25
Henry Ledbeater 24
John Smallman 22
Phil Lankester 16
Brian Farwell 13
Andy Campbell 10
Chris Newton 8
John Dodd 7
Richard Lakin 7
Don Johnson 5
Mick Benson 5

2016 League Table

The 2016 League after 10 Matches

Angler Points
Derek Taylor 66
Adam Harborow 62
Steve Randle 62
Kev Gear 60
Trevor Gear 49
Nev Duke 42
Don Johnson 39
John Smallman 35
Alan duke 31
Darren Titley 25
Andy Willacy 18
Andy Harvey 12
Phil Lankester 9
Ken Bowers 6
Mick Benson 6
Andy Campbell 5
Brian farwell 3
Pete Escritt 3
John Dodd 0

Kev Gear Does The Ton At Carneys

Congratulations to Kev Gear, who won our last match at Carneys Damsel Pool in style. Weighing in at 105lb 2oz, he is the newest member of our prestigious 100 club.

Our Hall of Fame inductees are a select group, who have all caught in excess of one hundred pound of fish in a match.hall of fameIn addition to Carneys, another venue that has produced such big weights, is this Sunday’s venue.

The Willows Spring Pool, has produced some of the  largest weights recorded by the club, so there is a good chance we could see another 100 club member next week and possibly Steve Randle’s record of 153lb 11oz being threatened.

Don’t forget special rules apply to this venue – See previous post

NB Bread is now allowed as a bait option

Willows Pools Penkridge – Rules & Directions

Top Three “Red Horses” of 2014

red horse RightWith just the “Silver Fish” Match left; to close the 2014 Season, the Top three “Red Horse” anglers have now been identified. A single win separates the first and second place anglers, but a healthy margin of 154lb makes Derek Taylor’s lead unassailable.

Congratulations to: Derek, Don & Kev

Season Wins Derek Taylor Don Johnson Kev Gear
1 49lb 1oz 44lb 2oz 50lb 12oz
2 19lb 6oz 67lb 10oz 72lb 7oz
3 92lb 9oz 28lb 2oz 14lb 12oz
4 133lb 2oz 77lb 3oz 80lb 13oz
5 46lb 13 oz 38lb 0oz 21lb 13 oz
6 78lb 12oz 51lb 4oz 20lb 10oz
7 40lb 8oz
Total 460lb 3oz 306lb 5oz 261lb 3oz

A slow Start To the Season

The first match of the RHAC season did not get off to a flying start with the majority of members failing to reach double figures. The Canal was not the only pool affected with others at Izaak Walton Fisheries  also fishing poorly. Whether it was the recent frosts after an extended mild period or something else that turned the fish off, Kev Gear managed to buck the trend, with a weight of 50lb 12oz. Kevin won the match employing his favorite method of fishing maggot and expander pellet up in the water, catching most fish in the top 12 inches. Keeping things in the family Trev Gear took 2nd place, also with a good weight on the day of 34lb 7oz.

22nd September 2013 Seighford (Horseshoe Pool)

A small turnout and another match at the venue meant a change to the Horseshoe Pool. After a period of heavy rain, warmer and more settled conditions promised better results. The horseshoe pool however was not giving up it’s fish without a fight. It was a day when the main competition would be from the trees bushes and underwater snags that proliferate the Horseshoe. Despite losing several rigs and numerous fish Kevin Gear took the win; with 35lb 5oz, coaxing bites by fishing close in to the snags.

Don Johnson Horseshoe pool Weigh In

Don Johnson Horseshoe pool Weigh In

11th August 2013 Willows (Spring Pool)

kev Gear Weighing  In

Kevin Gear knows he hasn’t got enough to challenge his father (Trevor) at the weigh In

73lb 14 oz took first place, but another top kit broken by the large carp that are numerous at the willows, took the shine off the result for winner Trev Gear.

Father beating son (Kev Gear) again to take the bragging rights.