2016 League

Final Positions

# Angler Points
1st Derek Taylor 185
2nd Steve Randle 171
3rd Kev Gear 159
4th Adam Harborow 151
5th Trevor Gear 121
6th John Smallman 117
7th Alan Duke 100
8th Don Johnson 91
9th Nev Duke 90
10th Darren Titley 78
11th Phil Lankester 43
12th Chris Newton 39
13th John Dodd 28
14th Andy Willacy 26
15th Andy Harvey 21
16th Ken Bowers 17
17th Bill Forrester 13
18th Pete Escritt 12
19th Alex Dawson 9
20th Mick Benson 6
21st Andy Campbell 5
22nd Brian Farwell 3

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