Website Problems


I’ve had a report from a member of problems with Advertising Popups interfering with browsing the site. As a precaution the website has been professionally scanned by a security company and it has been given a clean bill of health.

If you are having such problems they have recommended that you block popups on your browser and run a scan on your PC/tablet for malware that may be tracking your browser.

scan results

22nd September 2013 Seighford (Horseshoe Pool)

A small turnout and another match at the venue meant a change to the Horseshoe Pool. After a period of heavy rain, warmer and more settled conditions promised better results. The horseshoe pool however was not giving up it’s fish without a fight. It was a day when the main competition would be from the trees bushes and underwater snags that proliferate the Horseshoe. Despite losing several rigs and numerous fish Kevin Gear took the win; with 35lb 5oz, coaxing bites by fishing close in to the snags.

Don Johnson Horseshoe pool Weigh In

Don Johnson Horseshoe pool Weigh In