SMFC “100” Club – New Members

Staffs Match Fishing “100” Club

Members’ highest club weight over 100lb.

Angler Weight Venue – Pool Season
Kev Gear 133lb 5oz Curborogh – Oak 2019
Mike Mold 145lb 5oz Curborogh – Oak 2019
Tom Cunningham 146lb 0oz Curborogh – Oak 2019
Andy Willacy 147lb 8oz Carneys – Dragon 2019
Ray Lightfoot 145lb 13oz Heronbrook – Bridge 2018
Chris Newton 218lb 2oz Willows – Spring 2018
Darren Titley 116lb 2oz Willows – Spring 2018
Steve Randle 265lb 6oz Willows – Spring 2016
Derek Taylor  133lb 2oz Willows – Spring 2014
Nev Duke 142lb 9oz Willows – Spring 2013
Anthony Adams  136lb 15oz Izaak Walton – Bottom 2013
Phil Holmes 100lb 0oz Carney’s – Damsel 2013

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