Sunday 17/05/20 – Arrangements

We asked Carneys for an Upgrade to the Damsel Pool this Sunday and they have agreed, giving our club sole use. Originally there was a Saturday open match arranged for the day before on Damsel, which would have ruled this out. Although Dragon holds some bigger fish, Damsel is more heavily stocked and will also provide us with more room.

For everyone’s safety and In the interest of fairness, pegs will be drawn for you, and payments will be taken by contactless debit or credit card. (please make sure you bring an appropriate method of payment)

If you can try to arrive between 08:30 & 9:00; as soon as you have paid and received a number, you can proceed with your kit to your peg and start fishing whenever you are ready.

I hope like me you are all looking forward to a safe and enjoyable days fishing

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