July 18th Heronbrook


As the water temperature is rising, so is the risk of KHV spreading, it’s a highly contagious virus that causes significant mortality in carp. The best way to stop the spread, is by UV light, so please spread all your keep nets, landing nets out on the bank for AT LEAST 30 minutes before they go in the water!


Heronbrook Fishery asks all anglers to use 3 keepnets in summer matches, so if you have 3 nets please put them all in from the start.

We are back at Heronbrook fishery this Sunday (where thankfully weights are now getting better) on the Match Pool. After booking in – we can make our way up to the Match Pool Car Park for the Draw.

Times are as usual:-

08:30 Book In

09:00 Draw

10:30/16:30 All In/Out

Hope to see you all there!

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