Updates & Changes to Match Bookings 2022

Responding to your feedback we have made a few changes to the club match bookings coming up.

Please make a note of the alterations particularly the change of venue for the 10th July 2022

Date Venue Pool
26/06/2022   Open
03/07/2022 Blake Capricous
10/07/2022 Slittingsmill Horns Pool
17/07/2022 Partridge Spey
24/07/2022   Open
31/07/2022 Old Hough Big Max   *** Shared
07/08/2022 Hanchurch Raymar
14/08/2022 Cudmore Moors
21/08/2022   Open
28/08/2022 Old Hough Goose   ***
04/09/2022 Blake Capricous
11/09/2022 Fields Farm Far Hope ***
18/09/2022   Open
25/09/2022 Hanchurch Raymar
02/10/2022 Slittingsmill Horns Pool
09/10/2022 Blake Capricous
16/10/2022 Carney’s Damsel
23/10/2022   Open
30/10/2022 Hanchurch Raymar

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