Horns Pool – Slittings Mill May 14th

5th match update as we visited Slittings Mill…horns pool …for those who haven’t fished it before there are some big fish in here ..day started off misty and cool but warm weather was predicted …as soon as the sun came out the fish were splashing about all over ..topping everywhere.

Crucian was my aim for the day and I really enjoyed it catching in the margin ..

1st Adam Harborow. 73lb10oz

2nd .Jamie Martin 68lb 02oz

3rd Steve Hanson 64lb15oz

Our 3rd place angler Steve was off to a flyer hooking up within the 1st 30 seconds ..and that was closely followed by another 3 …he kept going all day ..sometimes waiting for the next fish to arrive but they did … our 2nd placed angler was off to a slow start ..he was opposite me so I could see him all day fishing short fishing long and fishing shallow …there wasn’t much happening for him early doors but as the day went on he must have done some experimenting or the fish just decided to turn up for him as he was catching all day after a quietish first hour n half..he hit the margins late on and they produced for him …

Our 1st placed angler Adam had much of the same as far as I could see ….fishing the waggler to hook a few but also losing them …

Adam was fishing short .. long ..and produced some fish ..but I think the margins are where he won the match. as I was fishing the margin to my right I could see Adam and Daz. Daz was caught early but it was Adams elastic I saw being stretched more often than others from the margins…

11 anglers fished …unfortunately 2 were DNW.

Was a good day for the rest including UK’s next top model ..Neil wain ..who brought his son along and was over the moon to see his lad catching a few fish…I thought the sun had fallen from the sky and landed on his peg but it was his big smile that shone brightly…Well done young Mr Wain…1 proud dad ….

Well done to everyone who fished …

Next week is Heronbrook…Island lake

Cya there ..

Original Post by Simon Griffin https://www.facebook.com/StaffordshireMatchFishing

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