June 19th Cudmoor Fishery

This Sunday’s match is on the Moors Canal at Cudmore Fisheries, Pleck Lane, Whitmore, Newcastle under Lyme. ST5 5HW.

For those that don’t know it, This is what the fishery says:-

“Similar to Suez Canal, and a width of between 13-14.5m, Depths on this lake range from 8in – 1ft on the near and far shelf and a central depth of around 6ft. This well-stocked canal contains species including Carp, Bream, Roach, Ide, Barbel, F1 Carp.”

Fishery Rules

  • Barbless Hooks Only.
  • No Mong rigs or over-shotting floats.
  • All pole rigs must have a float attached.
  • Free running feeder rigs only.
  • 50lb net limits apply, fish should be spread evenly between nets and not carp in one net and silver in the other. …
  • Landing nets must be used unless swinging very small fish.
  • No Floating baits
  • All keepnets must be placed on the banks for drying out and not placed in the water until 15 minutes before the start

We will meet up at the main car park next to the lodge for the draw and then move off to our pegs. The fishery allows parking next to the peg, but we will take a view on how practical this is with the numbers we have on the day.

As usual, the times are:-

08:30 book In

09:00 Draw

10:30 All In

16:30 All Out

Old Hough Goose 05/05/22

We are on Goose Pool at Old Hough Fishery for this Sunday’s match

Description of Pool

Stocked with Carp to 8lb, Bream, Barbel to 3lb, Chub to 3lb, F1’s to 2lb, Crucians, Roach and Tench to 2lb. Goose is 12 metres wide with a 1 metre deep shelf both round the island and also round the perimeter and 1.7 metre deep central channel. On the island is a small stock pool.

Draw 09:00

5 Hour Match from 10:15 – 15:15

Hope to see you there

22nd May Horns Pool – WS15 2UW

This weeks venue is Horns Pool which is situated behind the Horns Pub at Slitting Mill (WS15 2UW).

Horns Inn

The track to the left hand side of the pub, takes you down to the car park by the pool.

We have the use of the whole pool for a 6 hour match

Draw 09:00

All In 10:30

All Out 16:30

Hope to see you all there on Sunday


Field Farm – CW11 4TE

A new fishery for most of us this Sunday we are on Big Beam at Field Farm Fishery

FISHERY DESCRIPTION – Big Beam Pool is a great match pool. Stocking is similar to Far Hope with the addition of thousands of F1s (to 3lb). At nearly 2 acres, Big Beam is the largest pool here at Fields Farm. A canal by design, Big Beam has match and pole fishing in mind, with nearly all of the pegs fishing at 13.5 metres wide to the far bank. Split into three legs, this pool can accommodate small or large matches alike. The depth ranges from 5- 8ft. With expander, meat or corn fished over a bed of micros or hemp, can bring good results down the track. Equally, paste does well in the margins. (2 acres / 52 pegs

Draw 09:00 All In 10:15. All Out 16:15