Peninsula – Blake Hall (30th May)

Congratulations to Chris for the first club ton of the year with 104lb at Carneys; hopefully now that the weather is improving it will be the first of many for club members.

23 June 2019 Carneys Damsel
1st 2nd 3rd
C. Newton A.Willacy K Gear
104lb 6oz 81lb 1oz 70lb 4oz

A big fish venue again this Sunday with us fishing the Peninsula pool at Blake Hall.


As if the prospect of a days fishing is not enough; there will be a £20 Golden Peg introduced to the event this week, Just to add some spice to the mix.

Hope to see you all there

Draw 9:00 am

Blake Hall – Peninsula Pool 07/03/19

At long last – an opportunity for many of us to brush the cobwebs off our kit and get some fishing in.

To kick things off we are booked on to Peninsula pool – the first time we have had this on the match calender.

Peninsula pool by many accounts is a deep venue ( about !2ft) and holds some decent size fish; so an opportunity for pole or rod, whatever takes your fancy.

Look forward to seeing all of you that can make it.

9am draw – 10am start