Cudmore Suez Match 16/04/23

Our 2nd match of the season saw us visit Cudmore Fisheries on Suez Canal. The weather was supposed to be sun, but we had light drizzle most of the day with a few breaks from the rain being welcome. Despite this, some good weights were caught by many.
Congratulations to our winners:-
Our overall winner was a newcomer
Jack Johnson 86lb 8oz on peg 7 (section A)
Sections Winners:-
Neil Wain 85lb 1oz Peg 5 (Section A)
Jamie Martin 73lb 4oz Peg 29 (Section B)
Adam Harborow 65lb Peg 40 (Section B)
Avoiding Last Place & Winning the Wooden Spoon
James Taylor 7lb 11oz Peg 12.
Well done guys we are back at Cudmore next week on the Panama Canal; fingers crossed for better weather.
Original Author Simon Griffin