Horns Pool – WS15 2UW

This weeks venue is Horns Pool which is situated behind the Horns Pub at Slitting Mill (WS15 2UW). Approximately 3 miles further on from Carneys (if you are traveling from the Stafford direction that is)

Horns Inn

The track to the left hand side of the pub, takes you down to the car park by the pool.

There is an evening concert being held by the forestry commission locally, but we should be away before punters start arriving.

The Golden Peg Rolls over this week to £25

See you all there on Sunday.

The Golden Peg rules:

Drawn if 6 or more anglers fish the match.

Awarded if the drawer wins the match or their section {if two or more sections are pegged).

More than one section may be pegged where 10 or more anglers fish.


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