New Entry to the 100 Club Hall of Fame

Congratulations to Pete Escritt with his entry of 115lb 15oz caught at Horns Pool Yesterday to win the match.

This weight superseded his previous highest weight on a club match of 103lb 1oz caught at Hanchurch earlier in the year.

Members’ Highest weight over 100lb on a club match.
AnglerWeightVenue – PoolSeason
Pete Escritt115lb 15ozHorns Pool2022
Adam Harborow100lb 7ozHeronbrook – Island2021
Kev. Gear135lb 11ozHanchurch Raymar2021
Jack Escritt144lb 11ozBlakehall – Blake2021
Mike Mold145lb 5ozCurborogh – Oak2019
Tom Cunningham146lb 0ozCurborogh – Oak2019
Andy Willacy147lb 8ozCarneys – Dragon2019
RayLightfoot145lb 13ozHeronbrook – Bridge2018
Chris Newton218lb 2ozWillows – Spring2018
Darren Titley116lb 2ozWillows – Spring2018
Derek Taylor 133lb 2ozWillows – Spring2014
Nev Duke142lb 9ozWillows – Spring2013
Anthony Adams 136lb 15ozIzaak Walton – Bottom2013
Phil Holmes100lb 0ozCarney’s – Damsel2013

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