The Willows 16th June

This weeks match is on the spring Pool at The Willows Fishery. For new members that have not fished it before the venue impose a few restrictions  See Rules Below). Having said that, the carp tend to be in the 5lb plus bracket and on a good day the winning weight can be well over the 100lb mark. (Club Record from this venue 265lb 6oz)

The first time it can be a little difficult to find so here are some directions:

Postcode for the Sat Nav is ST19 5QJ (Bickford, Penkridge,)

  1. As you come into Penkridge on the A449 from Stafford you will see a black & white Tudor style pub (The White Hart) on the left – turn right into Pinfold lane.
  2. Go under the railway bridge, round over the river bridge and keep following the winding road for maybe a couple of miles up to the swan pub (on your right)
  3. Just past the swan pub turn left, follow winding lane carefully for about half to two thirds of a mile
  4. The fishery is on your right. The entrance is a simple farm gate immediately after Bank House farm Kennels
  5. willows

Look forward to seeing you all bright and early on Sunday


Another “Ton Up”

Congratulations to Ray Lightfoot who is yet another member of the Red Horses 100’s club hall of fame catching well over 100lb to win the match on Heronbrook’s Bridge pool.

hall of fame

The top 4 weights in fact were all over 100 lb, which is itself another landmark for our little club.

We have to to go out on a limb financially, booking matches at Heronbrook so:-

A Big Thank You! to everyone who attended.

No club match this coming Sunday – next match 16th September at the Willows.


New Inductee of “100 Club” Hall of Fame

hall of fameCongratulations to Darren Titley who is the latest angler to qualify as a member of the Red Horses’ prestigious “100 club”.

Our Hall of Fame recognizes Members who have “Done the Ton” and recorded weights of 100lb or more in a match.

Darren caught a weight of 116lb 2oz from the Willows Spring Pool Penkridge.

This is one of our venues that often produes big weights in Red Horses matches and true to form  yesterday’s match resulted in the top three anglers all weighing in over 100lb.



Big Weights Caught at Heronbrook


This week’s event is on the Match Lake at Heronbrook, which has been consistently producing weights well over 100lb (some over 200lb!) in recent open matches.

An opportunity then; for us all, to have a big day, even if it doesn’t put us in to the “100 Club“.

Heronbrook is a “3 net” venue (fish to be split evenly between nets) so don’t forget to dust off that 3rd one and bring it with you on Sunday.

Hope to see you all there


An opportunity to join the 100 club

IMG_3924By all accounts last weeks weights on Blake Hall Capricious turned out to be more than a little dissapointing.

Catches on this Sundays venue promise something better and perhaps even an opportunity to join the illustrious 100 club.

The canal pool has been producing many weights around the 100lb mark in recent open matches and  although not massive weights by Herobrook standards; a welcome antidote in prospect for last weeks dissapointments

Hope to see you all there this Sunday

more about Heronbrook Canal Pool


Red Horses Record Broken

Record Breaker 3D Words Historic Best Score Results

Steve Randle broke his own record, catching the highest weight by a Red Horses Angler at the Willows, last week.

176lb 6oz of carp were caught by Steve at 9 meters fishing and feeding sweetcorn.

He fished at approximately 3/4 depth with strong rigs and elastic to tame the large fish, found at this venue.

Steve  moves to the top of the “100 Club” but with form like this and 5 more matches booked on this water this season, we may soon be talking about the “200 Club”.

Congratulations Steve.

This weeks match is on the Raymar at Hanchurch Fisheries, a venue that normally produces lots of bites coming from heavily stocked small carp & barbel. The weather forecast is for warm and settled conditions, so it should be a good day.


Kev Gear Does The Ton At Carneys

Congratulations to Kev Gear, who won our last match at Carneys Damsel Pool in style. Weighing in at 105lb 2oz, he is the newest member of our prestigious 100 club.

Our Hall of Fame inductees are a select group, who have all caught in excess of one hundred pound of fish in a match.hall of fameIn addition to Carneys, another venue that has produced such big weights, is this Sunday’s venue.

The Willows Spring Pool, has produced some of the  largest weights recorded by the club, so there is a good chance we could see another 100 club member next week and possibly Steve Randle’s record of 153lb 11oz being threatened.

Don’t forget special rules apply to this venue – See previous post

NB Bread is now allowed as a bait option

Willows Pools Penkridge – Rules & Directions

New Member Tops the “100 Club” Hall of Fame

hall of fameSteve Randle a new member for 2015, now tops the rankings of the Red Horses’ prestigious “100 club”.

Our Hall of Fame that recognizes Members who have “Done the Ton” and recorded weights of 100lb or more in a match.

Steve caught a weight of 153lb 11oz from the same peg as the previous holder Neville Duke, beating his record by 11lb 2oz.

Fishing mid water at medium range on the pole, the catch was put together with meat on the hook and loose fed corn.

Congratulations Steve,

Lets see if we can enroll another member to the top flight at our next match held a Carneys’; a venue that is more than capable of producing catches over 100lb.