22nd September 2013 Seighford (Horseshoe Pool)

A small turnout and another match at the venue meant a change to the Horseshoe Pool. After a period of heavy rain, warmer and more settled conditions promised better results. The horseshoe pool however was not giving up it’s fish without a fight. It was a day when the main competition would be from the trees bushes and underwater snags that proliferate the Horseshoe. Despite losing several rigs and numerous fish Kevin Gear took the win; with 35lb 5oz, coaxing bites by fishing close in to the snags.

Don Johnson Horseshoe pool Weigh In

Don Johnson Horseshoe pool Weigh In

15th September 2013 Izaak Walton Fishery (Bottom Pool)

Gale Force winds and torrential rain was the forecast, so rods over over poles won the day. Adam Harborow took 84lb of carp; the largest weighing in at 12lb to win the match. The majority of fish were taken on punched meat fished with micro pellets on a banjo feeder, with the rest on pellet waggler up in the water. Paste down the edge also took fish in other pegs, but very little was caught on the long pole.

11th August 2013 Willows (Spring Pool)

kev Gear Weighing  In

Kevin Gear knows he hasn’t got enough to challenge his father (Trevor) at the weigh In

73lb 14 oz took first place, but another top kit broken by the large carp that are numerous at the willows, took the shine off the result for winner Trev Gear.

Father beating son (Kev Gear) again to take the bragging rights.

CAPRICIOUS in name & also in nature 14th July 2013

Ken Bowers "Catching Some Rays" as well some nice carp

Ken Bowers “Catching Some Rays” as well some nice carp

A baking hot day and no fish were moving about on Blake Hall’s capricious Pool . It was looking like the best result was going to be a sun tan. Locating the fish is often the secret of a good catch in testing conditions in extreme heat as well as cold. Surface cover was where the fish were to be found whether that be a patch of blanket weed or on the edge of wind driven flotsam. Picking the carp off up in the water on the edge of any surface cover helped build some decent weights. Derek Taylor’s 32lb 11oz pushed Neville Duke into second place and prevented him from picking up his “Hat trick”.  After Neville’s “back to back” wins at Carney’s and Willows. with top weight for the season, a Hat Trick of wins – would have just been  “showing off”.

Willows (Spring Pool) 7th July 2013

142 lb 9 oz the biggest Weight of the season so far was landed by Nev Duke to take 1st Place at Willow Fishery’s Spring Pool. The hottest day of the year so far with temperatures reaching 28°. All of Neville’s fish were caught down the edge on the pole fishing less than a foot deep, The snaggy swim putting the purple hydro elastic to the test. Good weights are possible at this venue if you manage to locate where the carp are feeding, the average size being 4-5 lb. 

willows (Spring Pool)

willows (Spring Pool)

Winning peg willows spring pool 8th July 2013

Winning peg willows spring pool 8th July 2013

Carney’s (Damsel) 30th June 2013

Five anglers with over 40lb of fish showed that there was a good spread of fish and an opportunity to feature in the results for everyone.

Nev Duke took top spot with 65lb 2oz of carp taken on the feeder, casting to the island.

The warm and breezy conditions meant that the fish were feeding confidently, with line busting takes frustrating many of the members fishing the match.

Hanchurch (The Raymar) 16th June 2013

Another win for Derek Taylor keeps him firmly at the top of the leader board for the season. Whilst second place is taken by Tony Reason, who caught steadily throughout the day, despite breaking two sections of his pole. 

The Raymar (archive picture)Anthony Adams took third, surprising himself at the weigh in with over 25lb of fish, 10lb more than he had estimated, (or was it just a ploy to undermine Derek Taylor – who it seems is vulnerable to such mind games) 

Blake Hall (Hall Pool) 2nd June 2013

02062013 Blake Lake - pegs

The start of Summer with the recent good weather proved why they call it “Bleak” Hall as on the hall pool full thermals were needed to combat the wind chill.

It was on the pegs at the top end of the draw where casting into a constantly changing wind made it tough going  with fishing to the island ineffective.

Unlucky Peg 13 however saw yours truly take 2nd place with a few big carp weighing 32lb taken on pellet waggler.

Don Johnson’s consistent results sees him move up to 4th in the league table with another podium position.

Footnote – Derek Taylor won again!!

Carneys Pools 26th May 2013

Carneys 26th May 2013Warm Sun all throughout the match might have reasonable led you to believe the carp on the Damsel pool would be moving up in the water. However despite almost being June, the prolonged cold start, to the year has meant that the water has hardly warmed up yet. Derek Taylor fed pellet little and often in an attempt to draw the fish to the top. Although the tactic did not work as intended. it pulled enough fish into the swim to enable him to put over 56lb in the net (or should i say “Nets”). This was enough to take 1st place with Don Johnson and Phil Lankester picking up 2nd and 3rd place.

It being such a warm and pleasant day, the Environment Agency even turned up. Fortunately everyone had remembered to bring their rod license.