More Match Bookings On The Raymar For 2024

In order to secure match bookings at the popular venues, each year we are having to look further and further ahead. With this in mind, I started contacting some of them last December for 2024.

The Raymar at Hanchurch Fisheries has been one of the most popular venues with a good turnout at each of the club matches we have fished. Unfortunately, we only managed to secure two matches for the current season’s Match Diary as that’s all that was left when I booked them.

Getting in there early this time, however, we have managed to secure seven matches for 2024.

Another of the fisheries that I am looking at for 2024 is the refurbished Damsel Pool at Carney’s that are now taking bookings.

This venue is a contentious one; it has been a very popular venue in the past but over recent years it has become quite expensive to book for Club Matches and would require us to dip into club reserves.

It is likely to be booked up fairly quickly, however, so let me know what you think!

30th October Hanchurch Fishery – Raymar pool

Our last match of this season is on the Raymar Pool at Hanchurch Fishery

Meeting on the bottom carpark (next to the Raymar Canal Pool) as usual

As the clocks will have gone back we will lose light quite quickly – so we will aim for a 10 am- 4pm match

Draw 08:45 ish

All In 10:00

All Out 16:00

Hope to see you there

The Staffordshire Match Fishing – 100 Club “Not Just for Northerners”

Congratulations to Steve Hanson who has moved up from the smoke to “God’s Own Country” (The North) and wasted no time in securing his place in the Prestigious 100 Club Hall of fame.

Steve caught 104lb 5oz on Big Max at Old Hough Fishery last week; apologies for missing you out

Staffordshire Match Fishing club operates an inclusive policy and is in no way prejudiced against southerners.

An Honourable mention also goes to:-

Simon Griffin with his highest weight so far of 92lb 13oz yesterday on the Raymar Canal at Hanchurch Fishery