Kev Gear Does The Ton At Carneys

Congratulations to Kev Gear, who won our last match at Carneys Damsel Pool in style. Weighing in at 105lb 2oz, he is the newest member of our prestigious 100 club.

Our Hall of Fame inductees are a select group, who have all caught in excess of one hundred pound of fish in a match.hall of fameIn addition to Carneys, another venue that has produced such big weights, is this Sunday’s venue.

The Willows Spring Pool, has produced some of the  largest weights recorded by the club, so there is a good chance we could see another 100 club member next week and possibly Steve Randle’s record of 153lb 11oz being threatened.

Don’t forget special rules apply to this venue – See previous post

NB Bread is now allowed as a bait option

Willows Pools Penkridge – Rules & Directions

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